Preaching Manual – Outro


Preaching Manual The Subject of our Preaching What ought the subject of our preaching be? Let the Bible answer that question. Jesus went about proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and lauded those who teach all the commandments of God. He also taught in parables. He warned against preaching as doctrines the precepts of […]

Preaching Manual – Lesson 052: Gourmet Preaching


Characteristics that make the Sermon on the Mount the greatest sermon of all time, and how we can all learn from that to create sermons that are truly a full seven-course meal and more. We will see that a feast of a sermon can include servings of boldness, is exclusive, honors the past, shames empty religion, confronts motives, challenges double-mindedness, comforts the anxious, tackles judgmentalism, invites prayer, emphasizes love in action, points in the right direction, warns against falsehood, corrects religiosity, urges orthopraxy and is jam-packed.

Preaching Manual – Lesson 034: Preach a Diagnosis-Remedy


Two steps of diagnosis and remedy from an agricultural, sheep-management perspective, the need for diplomatic inclusive language, looking at the problem as the problem rather than the people involved, putting it all into the context of the whole problem management process, and the preparation of a diagnosis-remedy or problem-solution sermon.

Preaching Manual – Lesson 032: Preach a Q & A


Why questions are good to ask, what do do about hostile questions, why it is sometimes best to respond to rather than answer a question, public questions about personal sins, friendly questions, and some other general question-answering techniques. How prepare a Q & A style sermon, where you prepare the questions ahead of time, and an example sermon.


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